Universal backpackers

Core Values

This is what makes Universal Backpackers unique:


We aim to inspire people to design their life as a traveler and assist them in realizing this lifestyle. We want you to experience the freedom of traveling, meet people from different cultural backgrounds and develop your personality.


The earth is here to explore and we want you to become a part of it. We inspire backpackers to travel in a sustainable way and to experience the beauty of our planet’s nature. We encourage you to travel with respect and appreciation for earth and all living creatures.


To travel is to life. Backpacking is an adventures journey where people take the roads less traveled. Universal Backpackers wants everyone to experience the enjoyment of traveling and exploring unknown places.


At Universal Backpackers we believe that businesses can only be successful when they are engaged in making the world a better place. Therefore, a portion of our profits go to high-impact environmental charities.


By inspiring people to travel, connect with people from different cultures and seek personal development, we aim for a more knowledgeable, peaceful and sustainable world.
About us

We love backpacking and going on inspiring adventurous. By sharing our joy for traveling, we encourage others to live a more passionate and happier life. Our passion for backpacking has turned into developing high quality travel products and providing excellent customer service. Universal Backpackers products are specifically designed for you to be fully prepared and protected on your travels. For our complete collection you can now visit www.bedcanopystore.com.

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