September 10, 2016

Top 10 travel essentials

We all enjoy our vacation, backpacking adventure or hiking trip. Even though we like to leave as quick as possible, a trip requires careful planning. Depending on your destination certain preparations and travel accessories need to be arranged or bought. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a short getaway or a trip around the world, you want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. We used our own travel experiences and selected some great travel necessities that are a must for your backpacking checklist.

Packing Cubes
There is nothing more pleasant than having an organized bag when traveling. As a backpacker you move from place to place and probably don’t feel like packing your clothes correctly when going to your next hostel. Safe yourself the effort and utilize your interior luggage space by using travel packing cubes. Packing cubes are an efficient solution for quick and easy packing. We recommend using a pack of five for your clothes and you can use toiletry bags for other travel gear such as: electronics & adapters, care products or other loose items.
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Travel Sheet
A travel sheet, particularly useful for the budget traveler or hiker, protects you against unclean bed sheets and unwanted bugs. The fabric prevents bed bugs from disrupting your peaceful night of sleep, as they are too large to pass in between the fibers. Also, a travel sheet can be used in cold temperature conditions. It is a clean solution and provides extra warmth when used in an additional sleeping bag.
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Microfiber Travel Towel
Going on a budget travel trip? You probably don’t feel like bringing your big bath towel. The microfiber travel towel brings you the perfect solution. This fast drying towel is light, compact and easy to fit in your luggage. It can also be used as a cheap alternative for a beach or sports towel. In our opinion, this towel is a true life saver when it comes to backpacking.
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Portable Charger
The new travel generation uses Google Maps instead of folded maps. However, after a long journey it is likely that your phone runs out of battery. For this reason, we always like to bring our portable charger. Also convenient when you have no access to electricity or plugs.
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First Aid Kit
You will be surprised how many people go traveling without bringing first aid supplies. Don’t just rely on your tour guide or other tourists, bring your own first aid kit. Won't you feel safer knowing you have the right tools to deal with all sorts of emergencies?
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Are you traveling to a remote area or are you afraid to wake up your fellow travelers in the middle of the night? A flashlight always comes in handy. Forget about candles, bring your flashlight.
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Travel Lock
In general, a travel lock is used to prevent luggage from opening by accident. We suggest you to always keep a lock on your bag when crossing borders, this way nobody can steal or sabotage your luggage. Your travel lock can also be used for your locker in hostels or securing your backpack with a cable lock.
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Worldwide Travel Adapter
If you are a true travel fanatic, you might consider investing in a worldwide travel adapter. Around the world, several plugs are used. We recommend you to buy a long lasting adaptor that can be used worldwide. Get powered-up without out the need for multiple Chargers.
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Travel Bottles
Pack light and easy with silicone travel bottles. Refill these bottles with shampoo, body wash, hand washing etcetera and use them on the road or on the plane. Hygiene is important when traveling, so make sure you bring some soap. The risk of becoming infected with diseases such as hepatitis A, is associated with a lack of safe water, poor sanitation and hygiene (such as dirty hands).
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Hanging Toiletry Bag
Keep your bag organized with a hanging toiletry bag and get fast access to your personal items. This compact, lightweight bag simplifies your travels and is a must for long-term traveling. Being able to stuff your personal items in different small pockets, definitely improves your bathroom comfort.
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